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Valves and Pipe


We sell pipe, valves and fittings, with the best brands and quality in the domestic and international market.

We have trained staff to provide solutions to their needs and be on time and products offered by the company.


Foremost among them:


< Carbon steel pipe with or without black or galvanized stitching bevelled or threaded.
< Stainless steel tubing with or without seam.
< Profiles: angles, square sill.
< Plans: galvanized sheet plate, black.
< Structures: beams, pipe, etc.
< Srilles, perforated, slotted.
< Valves: butterfly, ball, plug, diaphragm, security, relief, gate on the following materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, iron globe and check in all sizes, pressures and bronze.
< Accessories and flanges.
< PVC pipe, hydraulic, sanitary, sewer.

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